Coral in threat to bonuses

STAFF at bookies CORAL will lose part of their bonus unless they sign up to new working terms this month.

The company wants to change working hours, lose all overtime pay and lay off cashiers as part of a new “optimum staff model”.

Changes | Coral has warned staff they could lose money from their bonus if they do not sign up to new working terms by December 1. (Image | Racing UK)

It is also scrapping cleaners and forcing staff to do the work — as revealed by The Sun.

A memo reveals that if staff at its 1,650 shops sign up to the changes by December 1, they will qualify for “all four quarters of the new bonus scheme”.

Those that wait until the end of the 90-day consultation next month will get three quarters.

One employee said: “The bonuses are being used as a bargaining tool. Staff who exceed all targets and make the company great profits could find themselves receiving 75 per cent bonus. I’m so angry at the way we are being treated.”

Coral said the changes aim to create “sustainable jobs” for the future. It added that all staff received a two per cent pay rise in October.

PPI payout bill is ‘mad’

THE founder of CARPHONE WAREHOUSE has rushed to defend Britain’s banks over the scandal surrounding the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

Rant | Sir Charles Dunstone, who may have been involved in PPI sales, called the mis-selling payout bill “mad”. (Image | The Times)

Sir Charles Dunstone, a former non-executive director at HALIFAX BANK OF SCOTLAND, told MPs the size of the mis-selling bill was “mad”.

He said: “I don’t think policies were mis-sold in the way that the Financial Services Authority says they were.

“It seems that the banks have just surrendered. That they are so unpopular that they should pay the money.”

Sir Charles chaired the “retail risk committee” of HBOS from 2006 to 2008.

LLOYDS, which saved HBOS in 2008, has set aside £5.3billion to pay victims of mis-sold PPI.

Both articles written by Steve Hawkes, Sun City business editor, and sub edited by myself.

Originally published in The Sun on Tuesday November 20 2012.


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