Reunited with bruv after 67yr absence

THRILLED Pat Emmett is having “the best Christmas ever” after finding the little brother she had not seen for 67 years.

Joy | Arthur and Pat Emmett. (Image | Get Reading)
Joy | Arthur and Pat Emmett. (Image | Get Reading)

Pat, 75, was separated from Arthur, now 72, when their parents split up and their mum could not cope with six kids.

Arthur went to a kids’ home and Pat was raised by a gran. She last saw him in 1945 when they were aged eight and five.

Both were living in Reading, Berks, but have only just been reunited after a local appeal.

Pat said “It was fantastic to see him again. I didn’t recognise him — but I knew him.

“We met once at my grandmother’s house, but he doesn’t remember.”

The pair are set for a reunion in the New Year with their three surviving brothers — Robert, of nearby Sonning, Dennis, of Somerset, and Michael, who is living in Spain.

Article written by Felix Allen, reporter at The Sun, and sub edited by myself. 

Originally published in The Sun on Monday December 24 2012.


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