299 tax rises

BRITS have been clobbered with a massive 299 tax rises since PM David Cameron came to power, shock research reveals today.

Tax rises | PM David Cameron. (Image | The Sun)
Tax rises | PM David Cameron. (Image | The Sun)

This compares to just 119 tax cuts — despite the Tories’ traditional image as a low-tax party.

A TaxPayers’ Alliance report said the nation’s tax bill will hit £671billion by 2015/6 — up 15 per cent from £513bn under Labour.

Coalition hikes include alcohol duty — up 25 per cent — a 35 per cent income tax jump, 55 per cent on VAT and 36 per cent on car tax.

Some 254 rises are in place and 45 more start before 2015.

The Alliance said: “It is no wonder everyone is feeling squeezed.”

The Treasury said 25million Brits will see their tax bills fall after a £2,965 rise in the tax-free personal allowance.

Article written by Emily Ashton, Whitehall correspondent at The Sun, and sub edited by myself. 

Originally published in The Sun on Tuesday January 29 2013.


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