Gangster Tommy Gun held in swoop

POLICE cracking down on gangs seized a loaded Tommy Gun — the weapon famously used by US mobsters including Al Capone.

Lethal | actor with Tommy Gun. (Image | The Sun)
Lethal | actor with Tommy Gun. (Image | The Sun)

The submachine gun — which can fire 1,200 rounds a minute — was found stored with cannabis in a house raid.

It was the weapon of choice during the Prohibition era and appears in a string of films including The Untouchables.

The swoop, in Tuebrook, Liverpool, came during a “week of action” against organised crime by Merseyside Police.

The city is in the grip of a gun and drugs war that has killed three men in six months.

A man aged 23 and a 54-year-old woman were held and quizzed on suspicion of possessing a firearm and live ammunition. They were later bailed.

Another seven arrests were made for probation breaches, outstanding warrants and drug offences.

Article written by Rachel Dale, reporter at The Sun, and sub edited by myself. 

Originally published in The Sun on Monday February 11 2013.


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