‘Useless’ Skype doctor sacked

A DOCTOR hired after a Skype interview was sacked two months later for being incompetent, a disciplinary panel was told.

'Serious deficiencies' | Sharma. (Image | The Sun)
‘Serious deficiencies’ | Sharma. (Image | The Sun)

Manik Sharma — an Indian radiographer in his 30s — was given a £34,000 contract following the interview over the internet in May last year.

But he was dismissed in July amid fears cancer patients could be put at risk.

A senior colleague told a disciplinary panel that Sharma demonstrated a “lack of fundamental understanding”.

It also emerged he walked out on patients he was treating at Colchester General Hospital to make phone calls.

Sharma — believed to now be working in India — was reported to the Health and Care Professions Council, which has suspended him from operating in UK hospitals for a year.

HCPC panel chairman Stephen Fash said: “Mr Sharma never reached a stage when he could work without constant supervision. We identified a number of serious deficiencies in his practice.”

A spokesman for the hospital’s NHS trust said Sharma had been “dismissed on grounds of capability”.

Article written by Lynsey Hope, reporter at The Sun, and sub edited by myself. 

Originally published in The Sun on Saturday June 15 2013.


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