£1 e-cigarettes go on sale

THE first disposable £1 e-cigarette has gone on sale in stores.

Quit | could this cheap disposable e-cigarette help more people give up? (Image | The Sun)
Quit | Could this cheap disposable e-cigarette help more people give up? (Image | The Sun)

Its manufacturer claims the Ezi-Cig lasts up to 220 puffs — roughly the same as a pack of 20 cigarettes.

Discount UK, the firm owned by high-street retailer Poundworld, spent two years developing the vapouriser.

It is also offering a rechargeable battery version with ten nicotine cartridges for £4.99.

Similar kits set smokers back at least £20 — and often cost far more.

Chris Edwards Junior, of Discount UK, said: “Quitting smoking can be a difficult and often expensive undertaking.

“Hopefully, this product will make it easier for millions to move one step closer to kicking the habit for good.”

The Ezi-Cig offers two different doses of nicotine — a “high” 18mg or “medium” 12mg.

The new brand is being sold in more than 40 stores nationwide initially — but stocks are limited so customers will be rationed to 12 each.

E-cigs are designed to imitate smoking behaviour without the use of harmful tobacco.

But Amanda Sandford of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), said: “If smokers wish to try e-cigarettes as a way of cutting down or quitting smoking then these products could be attractive since they are cheap and don’t involve a big financial outlay.

“However, we would advise people who want to stop smoking to speak to their doctor or pharmacist and use licensed nicotine replacement products as these have a proven track record as effective aids to quitting.”

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said: “We cannot comment on the price.

“But our research has shown that existing electronic cigarettes are not good enough at reducing the harms of smoking.”

Article written and sub edited by myself

Originally published in The Sun on Monday July 29 2013.


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