Mum banned from breastfeeding son at swimming pool

A MUM was ordered to stop breastfeeding her son at a public swimming pool — because it broke the ban on food and drink.

Breastfeeding ban | mum Imajica Gilroy and baby Riley. (Image | Best Daily)
Breastfeeding ban | mum Imajica Gilroy and baby Riley. (Image | Best Daily)

Imajica Gilroy, 20, started nursing nine-month-old Riley in the jacuzzi to calm his nerves on his first visit to the baths.

But a lifeguard told her to stop — saying it did not matter how old the boy was.

Hairdresser Imajica said: “We were sat in the jacuzzi when he became nervous, so I decided to feed him.

“A male lifeguard came up to me and said, ‘You are not allowed to feed inside the pool area’.

“I told him I knew my rights and they didn’t say anything else but it made everybody stare at me. I felt annoyed and intimidated.”

The Equality Act 2010 made it illegal to discriminate against a woman for breastfeeding in a public place.

Colin Deans, manager of Parkside Pool in Cambridge, said: “One of our lifeguard team spoke to a customer regarding breastfeeding in the pool in line with the training they have been given.

“Colleagues have been trained to ensure they are informing customers that they can breastfeed on the poolside surround.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

But Imajica, who posted a complaint on the pool’s Facebook page, now plans to stage a “nurse-in” outside the baths next month.

She said: “I want to show Parkside Pool that breastfeeding is a wholly natural thing, and women should not feel awkward or segregated while feeding their baby.

“There will be a picnic and I will be making breast-shaped muffins for it.”

Article written and sub edited by myself

Originally published in The Sun on Thursday July 18 2013.


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