So… Abu lived in a dump like this?

Taxpayers fork out for Qatada clean-up bill

HATE preacher Abu Qatada is STILL costing taxpayers’ cash — the rent on his now-empty home.

Clean up | It is expected to cost £6,000 to restore Abu Qatada's former home. (Image | The Sun)
Clean up | It is expected to cost £6,000 to restore Abu Qatada’s former home. (Image | The Sun)

The Home Office is forking out £1,400 every month on the house despite the radical cleric’s family abandoning it after he was deported last month.

The three-bedroom detached pad has been left in a terrible state — which taxpayers will foot the bill to clean up — and will not be back on the market for FOUR months.

Rent and renovations to the property in Stanmore, North-West London, are expected to top £6,000 before it can look like the sort of home featured on telly’s Through The Keyhole, where host Loyd Grossman famously asked: “So, who would live in a house like this?”

Qatada, 53, was finally returned to his native Jordan after an eight-year battle costing £1.7million. His wife and five kids followed last week, leaving the garden overgrown and rubbish piled in the driveway.

A source said: “It’s been left in a horrible way — it’s filthy.

“There are flies buzzing around rotten food in the kitchen. The rest of the house is filled with junk.

“Landlords spent a lot of money doing the place up with carpets and a paint job before they moved in, but it needs it all over again.”

Last night agents looking after the property revealed the Home Office had not handed in a notice to end the year-long tenancy agreement it signed last November.

The Home Office refused to comment yesterday.

Article written by Jonathan Reilly, reporter at The Sun, and sub edited by myself. 

Originally published in The Sun on Friday August 23 2013.


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