No case for the defence as QPR squeak to Bolton victory

Queens Park Rangers came from 2-0 down to snatch a 94th-minute winner against Bolton Wanderers in one of the most exciting but lowest quality games of football you are likely to see this season.

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QPR change Championship goals as Charlie Austin agrees to stay

Charlie Austin
Charlie Austin has scored four goals already this season. (Image | IB Times)

Concern is growing for Queens Park Rangers supporters, who have been showing signs of a condition only observed sporadically at Loftus Road over the past two decades: optimism.

The failure of a host of Premier League clubs to make a reasonable offer for Charlie Austin, and accept his apparently optimistic wage demands, means he remains a QPR player. Proving that the best activity of the transfer window does not always have to involve a new arrival, hanging on to the 26-year-old means expectations have suddenly shot up in W12.

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Londoner’s eye: you can’t beat a bit of Battersea

The Albert Bridge
The Albert Bridge, which is now strong enough to support an army going over it. (Image | Chris King)

For many people, the mention of Battersea, the suburb of South West London, conjures up two things: the cats and dogs’ home and Clapham Junction, which proudly describes itself as Britain’s busiest railway station.

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Serbia: leave your misconceptions behind

It is easy to follow the consensus view on Serbia, particularly when it is considered that not 10 years ago this was Europe’s “pariah state”.

Times change | Serbia is now a modern, vibrant state in Europe that should not be betrayed by its past. (Image | Chris King)
Times change | Serbia is now a modern, vibrant state that should not be betrayed by its past. (Image | Chris King)

Unwelcome on the international stage, and still reeling from the destructive rule of indicted war criminal Slobodan Milošević, Serbia was about as far from the tourism map as it could ever have been.

That does not mean you should, mind. This country has so much to offer to tourists and travellers of all persuasions.

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