The Sun

Sub editor | September 2012-present

The Sun sub editor

I was taken on by The Sun newspaper in September 2012 as a sub editor for the news section. As the youngest sub editor on The Sun‘s team of news subs, aged just 22, this was a tremendous opportunity and an honour, given that I was chosen to take on the role from more than 500 applicants.

As a full time staff member on Britain’s best-selling daily newspaper I was required to turn lengthy article submissions (1,000-1,500 words) from press agencies, The Sun reporters, freelance journalists and other sources into articles varying from 20-30 word “shorts”, 100-150 word “quick looks” and 200-500 word “page leads”.

This was to be done while including all necessary legal, geographical and factual information, not missing out anything crucial to the story and ensuring that all articles adhered to The Sun‘s reporting style.

While working at The Sun, I was involved in sub editing articles ranging from page leads, breaking news, political, celebrity, X Factor, hard-hitting exposes, humorous short pieces, court cases and science articles as well as Sun City business stories for publication seven days a week, many of which were also published simultaneously online at

Below are selected articles from my time as a news section sub editor on The Sun newspaper:

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